Virtue’s second series of the VIO masks is here. Let’s take a look at the highest-end VIO the Contour II. The Couture II features Virtue’s new ProPad a padded that is on the goggle strap that helps adds some support and helps hold the mask firmly in place. I have been a fan of Virtue masks forever, they are made well and comfortable. I personally have never owned, one as I find that the Empire E-Flex and V-Force masks breathe a bit better. I”m going to keep this Contour II and give it a whirl though. Along with the Contour II Virtue are also releasing a newer version of the VIO XS and VIO Extend.

Virtue VIO Contour II ▶️
Virtue VIO Extend II ▶️
Virtue VIO XS II ▶️


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