The BunkerKings CMD (Command), is BunkerKings first attempt at a big product. They have made pants, packs, and other various softgoods, but this is there first attempt at a complicated product.

To help soften the blow, BunkerKings opted to go with an already established lens system, the system that is found on all the Virtue masks.

Since the CMD is using a lot of Virtue parts, so it does have a very familiar feel to Virtue masks, but at the same time feeling unique. You will find the same lens, lens hinge lock, goggle frame foam, and temple foam, so all of the main contact points are the same to the virtue masks.

BunkerKings CMD Paintball Mask Review

So really what BunkerKings has done has made a different body or face for the mask. This is really the only area that I don’t like about the Virtue masks.

My main complaint with the Virtue masks is that they have never had the best ventilation, I wouldn’t classify them as bad but there are masks like the Push Unite, VForce Grill or Empire E-Flex that just have much better ventilation and breathing does not feel as labored.

The CMD eliminates that complaint, the CMD breaths very well. Like I think it is the best-ventilated paintball mask made in the 8 years? The JT ProFlex and Empire E-Flex are the only masks on the market that has better ventilation better. This is kind of a loaded statement though, mainly because everyone wears their masks different and us humans actually have varying head sizes sized heads.

So how does the CMD stake up to masks from Virtue, Push, Empire, Dye and HK Army? Watch the video ago for my full thoughts.


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