ICPL, NXL & NXL Europe Changes, Aftershock, HK Army Pro Tour – PBRMW

◾ ICPL – International Classic Paintball League – The NXL is launching a classic paintball league. the league will play 10-Man Pro, 10-Man amateur, and 5-Man amateur.

Dates will be announced January 31st, 2019.


◾ NXL Adding Pro Team At World Cup 2019 – The NXL is going to invite Europe best 4 teams to play pro at World Cup. Look for teams like Joy Division, PPArean or Breakout SPA to get the invite.

◾ NXL AirUps Bunker – The NXL is switching to AirUps bunker from the long used SupAir.

◾ NXL Europe Limited 4 Pods – Players across all division of NXL Europe will not be limited to 4 pods and a hopper per point.

◾ Adrenaline Sports Comeback – Adrenaline is coming back with an Adrenaline version Shocker XLS and Shocker CVO.

◾ HK Army Shredder 2 – The Shredder 2 is said to be lighter and more durable. It’s a paintball shoe.

◾ HK Army Pro Tour – 1on1 league that is going to take over paintball? – www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzOAHcNYabc

◾Chicago Aftershock Retire – Will no longer be playing professional at the highest level.

◾ Eclipse PEvolution – www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWNT3WeLE5U


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