A few weeks back we got news of a new pro paintball league, so I sat down with the man in charge, Matt Watkajtys.

Key takeaways:

?4 Pod + Hopper
?Timed matches with halfs
?Day before layout releases
?Semi-auto firing mode (likely 12.5 BPS)
?Pre-taped edited matches: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
?Different pay scales for earlier access, matches will also be available for free
?Heavy media focus
?Gameplay formats and broadcast formats are still in the works and going to be tested before going to market

What I took away from the interview. The NPL is not messing with gameplay all that much, but there is going to be a heavy focus on the media side. I think overall GoSports do a great job, but when Matt talks about needing paintball in front of us on a more regular basis he is 10000% correct. The NBA, EPL, NHL, NFL, pick a league they have matches/games weekly. The NFL used to only have games on Sunday, now look…Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday they made this move for the reason Matt wants the NPL on every week, GROWTH.

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