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Paintball News!

◾ F1 Ripper G6R – F1 are releasing a very limited edition Ripper G6R. Production will be limited to only 100 markers, pre-order starts now at fieldonepaintball.com

◾ Carbon IC Barrel – Carbon is dropping a new carbon fiber Freak XL insert barrel, the Carbon IC. The barrel is 14in, $119.95, and is going to start shipping in a few weeks.

◾ CCM Frames – [email protected]

◾ Dye I4 and I5 Lenses – Dye has released three new colors for their, I4 and I5 mask. Chameleon, Northern Fire, Prismaic.

◾ Dye CF-S – The CF-S is news new carbon fiber Boomstick. Backs are sold for $129.95 and come in .680, .684, and .688

◾ NXL Relegation – At the end of this 2018 NXL season, we have Chicago Aftershock moving down to semi-pro and San Diego Aftermath making the leap to pro.

◾ NPL – A new pro ONLY league is coming. That is all I know. Stay tuned.


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