World Cup 2018 Product Releases! Planet Eclipse, DLX, Carbon, PUSH – PBRMW

New products from this year biggest paintball tournament the NXL World Cup. Houston Heat won the tournament and the series title, but let’s look at the new things!

Empire SYX – The SYX marks the sixth generation of the Axe/Mini platform. It is on sale now for $699.95

DLX Luxe X – For the 10th-anniversary of the Luxe DLX whipped up something special the Luxe X. The Luxe X adds some very neat features.

Planet Eclipse EMek MG100 – I didn’t see this coming, but it is a mag-fed Planet Eclipse Emek. They’re not for sale yet, and there is no price, but look for them in the back half of 2019 for around $350.

Planet Eclipse EMek PALS – Planet Eclipse slick new mechanical assisted hopper.

Inception Designs Ripper Autococker – Another awesome autococker from Inception Designs. They are for sale not starting at $1300.

Bunker King CMD – A newish mask. A collaboration between Bunker King and Virtue bring us the CMD (Command).

Push Infamous Skull Unite – A Skull mask.

Exalt ProJect Harness – A carbon fiber pack from Exalt. Coming in 3+6 and 4+7 and on sale now.

Carbon Chrono – A tiny little radar that syncs to your phone via Bluetooth to delivery readings.

Ninja SLX – A sweet gold 10th-anniversary tank from Ninja, and what I think is the coolest product of the year the brass Pro V2 regulator.


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