Thinking about adding some help on PBRML. This would be a limited role, likely one day a week for 7-8 hours. You would help me organize, PBQT, PBRMW, brainstorm video ideas, etc. I want this role to turn into more hours, and be a more hands-on role, but let’s start small.

The ideal candidate would have a vast paintball knowledge, good writing skills, be well spoken and know how to use computers well.

Ideal Candidate

  • Live in or near Sacramento, or will to drive to Midtown Sacramento
  • Paintball Knowledge – Mag-fed experience preferred, pump experience preferred. Know answers to these types of questions. What models guns are out? What paintballs work best with….? What barrel is the most accurate?
  • Computer Skill – Google drive competency required. Experience with is a huge plus, but not required: Adobe Audition, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,

If interested e-mail a resume, it doesn’t have to be crazy. Don’t send me an email that says “hey Iwant to work for you”.


Yo! My name is Brad Johnson, I'm the author/creator/owner/janitor of Paintball Ruined My Life. I've been working in the paintball industry for over 18 years. I have worked as a sales representative for WDP, as a marker technician for KEE Action Sports, as author for FaceFull and Along the way I also wrote for FaceFull and