The 4th pro paintball event of the 2018 is over. We had some great matches and some upsets. Moscow Red Legion took home the win the pro division.

Love to see Seattle Thunder, Seattle Uprising, New York Xtreme and Baltimore Revo all do well. I think we will keep seeing Revo and Xtreme do well, but I’m not sure yet on Thunder. I really hope that we see Thunder in the finals at World Cup, I talk a lot of shit on them they have made me look bad and keep doing it super happy for you guys.


➖Friday ➖
-Revo & DMG- Steven Omar 4 pack vs DMG.
-Red Legion vs Katana – Smotrov waits for PC Katana player
-Red Legion vs Katana 0:20 – Brenikov runs though shots 3 guys and Red Legion win.

➖Saturday ➖
-DMG vs Outlaws 13:00 – Time Russleback bunkers 50 snake and shoot rest of Outlaws.
-Infamous vs Katana 14:24 – Nate 3 pack, shots center, moves to the 50 jumps over the brick shoots the corner then fall bunker.
-Uprising vs Ironmen 7:30 – Bobby Bunker there snake and shots 2 more to win point.
-Aftershock vs Xfactor 9:33 – CJ Canter – wins 2on1

➖Sunday ➖
-Impact vs Xfactor 8:10 – Rest of the point
-Impact vs Xfactor 6:37 – Just session
-Heat vs AC 13:10 – Axle Gaudin moves to heat side get one kill sam fills over kills axel.
-Dynasty vs Revo 2:00 – Brandon Short does a run though and shoots 3 guys
-Red Legion vs X-Factor – Bred run down d side shot 3 guys and hits buzzer, not good footage.
-Ironmen vs Thunder 11:20 – Mapp Chimm makes move to bunker 50 and shoots two more guys.
-Red Legion vs Heat 10:10 – Chad George bunker 2 guys run down tape bunker 1 more guy.


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