This is a first, a wind-up force-fed paintball hopper.

The M1 is pretty simple, you turn the big oversized cartoonish looking dial on the back that winds up a spring, when you let go the spring unwinds and a screw on the inside rotates forcing paintballs into the feedtube.

HK Army New Thread Protector (Red)
381 Reviews
HK Army New Thread Protector (Red)
  • Machined aluminum cover
  • Screws onto top of any tank regulator or valve
  • Includes two spare tank o-rings

Actually not that bad feeling, plastic while not super durable like a high-end loader, it doesn’t feel awful like I expected it to. It feels very similar to the Valken V-Max.

The funniest thing about the M1 is just how comically loud it is. Seriously though, the thing would drowned out almost any paintball gun. It is the loudest paintball product I have ever heard, ok so technically a Spyder or something is louder, but that high pitch drone is obnoxious.

I have to admit it is a clever design, I like how they thought outside the box and brought something unique to the market, that I’m a fan of. Sometimes we need big wild invitations, to jumpstart others.

I just don’t get it, I mean if you want a loader that fill feed around 10-12 BPS, why would you buy this? I guess if you really don’t want electronics, but then again most paintball guns that shoot 10 BPS are electronic, so you can be that adverse to electronics. Its just weird.



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