Empire Resurrection Thoughts, Building An Autococker, CVO vs Cockers – PBQT

◾ Mike – Thoughts on Empire resurrection? I would like to get a high-end autococker, but don’t want it to cost and arm and a leg.

◾ Juan – Do you have any tips for someone building an autococker for the first time.

Inception Designs Timing An Autococker – youtu.be/DWRCeZV9ARA
Inception Designs Valve Install – youtu.be/x59884alvrs
JoshMedina autococker timing – youtu.be/1Pu2mhzFLoc

◾ Ethan Rockford – I don’t understand why people are so crazy about autocockers, if you wanted a mech wouldn’t it make more sense to get something like the Shocker CVO?

PUSH – youtu.be/ASjD-C_Qd3U?t=179


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