By no means are strapless paintball packs a new thing, they go all the way back to the JT Slammer Pack from early 2000s and a little later on Empire tried their hand at it with the Empire Fast Pack.

At the time though neither of them caught on, even all these years later they still haven’t totally caught on. With companies like Carbon Paintball and Bunker Kings making exclusively strapless packs, the momentum has been gaining a bit and more and more people are using strapless harnesses.

For a long time paintball harness have been made the same you have a pouch that the pod slides into and a strap is Velcroed in place to prevent from falling out. It’s a designed that continues to work fine for decade later, the straps were taken off for speed. Getting rid of the strap mean that you could just grab another pod and go, no need to deal with those pesky straps.

We are going to look at the Bunker Kings Supreme v5 Harness, Carbon CC Harness, Carbon CS Harness, GI Sportz Race 2.0 Harness and the HK Army Zero G Harness.

I think the BK provides the most comfort, quality and value. It is a bit heavier and bulky, that something like the GI Sports Race 2.0 Harness, but that is something I can live with. I’m not the first guy in the snake, so I don’t need a pack that is super small. If you are however looking for the smallest most streamline the Carbon Paintball CC would be my choice.

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