I’ve had this thing for a while, not like a month a while, and we are finally going to talk about it.

The EMek, the Emek is Planet Eclipse entry-level/field level paintball marker. It has the ever so popular Gamma Core and is designed for new players and fields. Based on the Etha 2 the maker reliable, durable, efficient and the shot quality is stellar.

What makes the Planet Eclipse Emek so great is that Gamma Core, the same bolt system that is in the Etha 2, Gtek and Gtek 160R. It’s just bulletproof, they just keep on ticking, it’s low pressure, smooth and shoots great.

The trigger is the biggest change though, without a question, I really like the trigger. The trigger is not supposed to be as nice as Planet Eclipse higher-end mech the GMek, but I find that the hinge style trigger is much easier to pull. The EMek is easier to shoot fast, but the GMek frame and trigger do feel more premium.

I love the Emek, and I do think it is the best paintball gun under $250.


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