PB G14 – With the release of the Gmek, CVO and other high end mechanicals, should we expect to see a resurgence of mechanical tournament play or do you feel it’s more of a gimmick. – Yep, 10man is totally back. What drew me to your question, was the word gimmick. While yes the world is filled with gimmicks, marketing tactics and other non-sense. I don’t think the comeback of 10man is a gimmick, mainly because it was something that was started by the players.

Tucker Glenn – I’ve been thinking about picking up a mechanical marker to play some woodsball events. I’m thinking about building an Autococker or buying something like the Planet Eclipse Gmek or Shocker CVO. Thoughts? Both options can be great, but very different. Do you like tuning, tinkering and maybe want the ability to personalize your gun more, or would you rather something that is simple and maybe a bit boring. Autocockers are going to fall into the former, and guns like the Gmek and CVO into the later. If you want something super dead simple, reliable and just work the Gmek would be my suggestion, if you want something that is a little more work, but possibly more fun got for the Autococker.

Jules Freeman – Do you think today’s pro paintballers are better than players from 20 year ago? – Yes, I think that can be said for every sport though, baseball, Volleyball, cricket, it doesn’t matter. For the most part people now are much better than people 20 years ago. Humans haven’t advanced, it’s the training and knowledge that has. For instance I’m not sure that Oliver Lang had more natural raw skill that Marty Bush, Oliver just has the advantage of time. He can look back and draw from all the players before him, where is players for 20 years ago didn’t really have much to draw from.


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