➖ Hoppers In The Video ➖
Proto Primo ➡ amzn.to/2KUeZYE
Valken V-Lite ➡ amzn.to/2lWCiGl
GoG Multi-Cal ➡ amzn.to/2J0gRNE
Empire Splitter ➡ amzn.to/2KBK7Qt
Base Anti-Jam ➡ amzn.to/2KVJUnl
Empire Basic ➡ amzn.to/2J13z3u

The basic 200 round paintball hopper has been on the market for decades, but over the past few years they have started to change. With the Proto Primo kicking it off, hoppers have started to evolving they are feeding better, lasting longer. Lets take a look at some of the most popular. All of these are affordable and cheap options at under $20.


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