The basic 200 round paintball hopper has been on the market for decades! After decades they are starting to change. The Proto Primo was the first “high-end” gravity fed-hopper its known for feed quicker and being built like a brick house.

The Proto Primo

The Proto Primo is the cream of the crop when it comes to gravity fed hoppers. In my testing and game play with the Primo I have found that it consistently feeds faster and is built much better that all of the other gravity fed hoppers, if you need a 200 round gravity fed hopper just buy the Proto Primo.

Dye Proto Primo Paintball Loader Hopper...
894 Reviews
Dye Proto Primo Paintball Loader Hopper...
  • 200 ball capacity
  • Primo loader helps sort and funnel as you shoot for a consistent vertical feed
  • Featuring a positive shelf designed to relieve pressure on paint balls
  • Comes with a clear spring loaded lid for easy reloading
  • Powered by minimal agitation of the gun

Valken V-Lite

The Valken V-Lite is the newest hopper in the bunch, and its kind of like a cheaper version the Primo. It had the same shelf design as the Primo that is designed to reduces jamming and increase fed-rate but it doesn’t work nearly as well, and it not made as nice.

GoG Multi-Cal

The GoG Multi-Cal hopper is my favorite pump hopper. Normally pump players don’t shoot that much so a smaller profile hopper like the GoG Multi-Cal is perfect. The Multi-Cal is made very well and will last a very long time, it doesn’t feed super quick though. Like the name implies the Multi-Cal will feed Multi-Cal, out of the box it will only feed .50 cal, but can be easily setup to feed .68 caliber.

Empire Splitter

The Empire Splitter is a hopper that has a rod or strip of plastic separating the hopper in two. The separation is supposed to help the hopper feed more consistently, it helps and is better than a true gravity feed hopper but it’s still not as nice as the Primo.

Base Anti-Jam

Base don’t actually exist anymore. Well kind of. Base was purchased by Carbon Paintball in mid 2021 and they have stopped making the Anti-Jam, and that god it was awful.

Empire Basic

The basic 200rd hopper is a standard for paintball hoppers, it’s not only made by Empire but can be seen with many different logos on it. Its the hopper that you get with your first paintball gun or when sometimes when you rent gear. It works, if you need a cheap cheap hopper go for it, if not buy a Primo.


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