Last weeks paintball news.

◼ EPBF Mens World Championships – This weekend at the NXLE event in Basildon, England, the EPBF or the European Paintball Federation will be holding the annual Mens EPBF Paintball World Championships.

◼ Shocktech Gunfighter Frame 1.5 – Nothing new major to report, here just an update to the gunfighter frame from Shocktech.

◼ Planet Eclipse Hopper Cover – planet Eclipse and Ginger Dynamics are teaming up to release a Eclipse branded hopper cover. Ginger Dynamics also make other hopper and autococker pneumatic covers at

Autococker Build Kits – Paintball Gateway have a killer deal on an autococker build kit, the kit comes with body, trigger frame, VASA, back block and feedneck all for only $80 at

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