This video may come off kind of harsh, in no way do I intend to offend or upset anyone.

This video stemmed from a question I was asked.

“I remember NPPL/PSP grandstands at capacity day 1 of the event. I was at NXL Dallas all week. The grandstands were barren most of the time. What do we need to do to bring the “fandom” back to the sport, to where it makes following pro teams more interesting again like it used to be back in “the day”. I’m curious as to your opinion on what the NXL and the industry as a whole can do to bring it back to the glory days, where Dynasty, LA Ironmen, Sacramento XSV, etc. where superstar. What can we do as players, leagues or manufactures to bring it back?”

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2 Responses

  1. Charlie

    As a tournament player from that era I saw the major problem being lack of competition. The streaming technology and availability is far superior to that time… but… you will never make a major non paintball company care about paintball in these times. It also was not very good for television. I know this because I have some of the CSTV college DVDs from years ago. The teams had some good players from pro teams, great camera works, likeable announcers, cool looking fields, and good story telling… If that didn’t take, what else do you want? The fact is, Cereal Killerz, Push, and Der Der videos were typical of extreme sports docs from the 90s-00s. They introduced great colorful characters and the star, but, once that style was scrapped by outlets like ESPN2 and MTV for more reality show based programming, no extreme sport coverage stood a chance. Without the a sensationalism of reality tv style coverage, the quirkiness of paintball seems rather bland. Me, I like the game… I liked the coverage… but I am one person, who grew up. Kids are different nowadays, the increased coverage of e-sports occupies the same space as that extreme sports coverage used to. Remember that next time you plug in your controller. Markets change, but, the sport has hope with things like the mech and pump tourneys, that gets old guys back in to the game. Great video btw, PBRML is the best paintball content right now… don’t sell yourself short!

  2. Mark

    Stop dumping money into tournamemets go back to spending it on big games with shows and so on, make paintball fun for the regular guy again so go spend the money their like they did in the old days. Now once you build your player base back up sponcer the small tourney’s again for fun and donate prizes MFG. and lastly those people will go to one pro style tournament series you can support 2.

    Ohh and call me I have a newer bullshit sup air field layout will improve tourney play 30-40 percent.




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