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◼️ John “LJ” Parrish to Infamous – In 2017 Parrish joined Chicago Aftershocker with JJ Williams, Nick Pesz & Mike Kerr to try and kick start the Aftershock roster with some new young players. It didn’t work out. On the Infamous side, adding the additional snake side support could not come at a better time. If you missed Texas, Thomas Taylor injured is knee pretty bad, he cut his knee and it swelled up pretty bad. Having the added support on the snake side, could give Taylor a little bit more rest.

◼️ NXL Europe Prague – Expendables took home first in the pro division. Expendables were able to get up 5-1 on Edmonton Impact, Impact were able to score 3 points in just over 2min, going into the last point the score was 5-4 with 22sec left, expendables were able to hold off Impact.

◼️ FeeFlow Autocockers! – This time in the way of FeeFlow, FreeFlow autococker for a long time have regarded and some of the best Autococker you could buy and they are back.


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