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◼ Nummech Autococker Frame and Body

N Autococker Frame – Nummech will be offering, two different version on the N Frame, a hinge and a slider. Both of the N Frames frames are use an internal high pressure regulator located in the grip frame.

Pyro Body – Nummech also released a new Autococker body. The milling style is not new from Nummech, they have made guns that look very similar to the Pyro for the Empire Axe and Axe Pro. The Pyro will come with body, front block, back block, and milled to match cocking knob, beavertail and bolt pin.

◼ Lots of Inception Designs products

9/16th Valve – Inception are releasing a 9/16th valve for autocockers.

FLE Trigger Frame – Inception have managed to make the frame 20% lighter, compatible with autotrigger and has both front and rear trigger stops and at launch will only come in the classic 45deg.

FLE Retro Autocockers and Pumps – Markers will range from $1099.00 to $1599.00. All versions will come with FLE bodies, FLE trigger frame and Stella barrels.

◼ Planet Eclipse Vimeo – Planet Eclipse are going to start uploading a lot of the films they have made to their Vimeo account.


◼ NXL Europe Prague Layout – LOVE IT!


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