I have always been a fan of Bunker Kings, they make some of the highest quality and unique products in paintball. One of those products were their Supreme pants, they were one of the first paintball pants to be a little formfitting, and helped the trend of making paintball pants actually fit as pants should fit. For padded pants, they also were lightweight and encouraged movement.

The Featherlite pants are an evolution on the same idea, a pant that encourages movement, by making it fit well and lightweight.

I for one a very, happy with this lightweight, slimmer fitting pant movement we have going on. For a long time I hated paintball pants, they were always overly padded, baggy and heavy. Having such heavy, annoying pants, just made paintball comfortable. These lightweight pants from companies like Valken, Bunker Kings or HK Army just make paintball comfortable.

Right away, I noticed that the featherlight pants were the most comfortable paintball pants I had ever worn. That comfort comes from a few things, design, weight (or latch there off), and materials.

The thing that I like the most about the Featherlite pants is the waist. There are zero hard parts, and everything is held together with velcro. There is no zipper fly, no buttons on the waist, and not plastic tabs on the hips for the adjustable waist cincher deals. Bunker King is not the only company to do this, but from all the pants I have seen I think they do the best job at the minimal hard part-less waist region.

Overall I really like the Featherlite pants and will be keeping a pair in my gear bag.


Yo! My name is Brad Johnson, I'm the author/creator/owner/janitor of Paintball Ruined My Life. I've been working in the paintball industry for over 15 years. I have worked as a sales representative for WDP, as a marker technician for KEE Action Sports, as author for FaceFull and ProPaintball.com. Along the way I also wrote for FaceFull and ProPaintball.com.

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