◼️ NXL Texas Open Layout – So we are heading into the 2nd NXL event of the year, and something I have already noticed about myself is that I‘m curious to what the layouts look like. Last year with the W in the center we knew what every layout was going to be, a huge W in the center. Now with the new bunkers, it has me curious as to what they cook up.

◼️ NXL Regional Partners Program – NXL has announced the 2018 NXL Regional Partners Program. Since the NXLs inception, they have tried to incorporate regional leagues and make them more of a stepping stone to the NXL.

◼️ Push Unite Colored Ears – If you are a fan of the Push Unite mask, but tired of your mask looking like everyone else’s? Get colored ears pads!

◼️ NCPA WINNER – In X-Ball Class A Liberty University took how the championship, and in Class B 5-Man is was University of South Florida.

All the games – www.youtube.com/channel/UCjS-iW_5adoaYRIgNMeUWPQ

◼️ MacDev Clone Infinity and Drive – Get your Infinity drive! – MacDev have updated the Clone 5s, to the Clone 5 Infinity, so now you can get the Clone 5 with Infinity Drive. They have also made the just the Infinity Drive available for current Clone 5 and Clone 5s owners. Guns are selling for $950 and the drives go for $199.

MacDev Prime Review – www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8Y3Gzs78U8


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