Last weeks paintball news and Paintball Extravaganza Recap

▪ NXL Europe Moves 2nd Event – NXL Europe are moving the 2nd event of the year. In just a few 3 short months NXL Europe’s 2nd event will take place, it was slated to take place in Amsterdam, but has been moving to Prague.

▪ NXL Las Vegas 2018 Layout – The 2018 Las Vegas Open layout is out, and this past weekend teams started practicing out in to prepare of battle in Sin City. This is the first time in human history that the NXL has used the new modular bunkers, and I dig! I have talked

▪ CPX Closing – After 18 years of being one of the best paintball fields in the world Challenge Park Xtreme or CPX will be permanently closing.

▪ First Strike’s Custom FSC Pistol – First Strike Paintball was showing off a pretty sweet pistol, with their new, optical rail, folding stock and extended magazines.

▪ Exalt Stuff – Exalt paintball had a few new products at Extravaganza, a new pair of gloves and a check protector. Along with the gloves and padded top, they have new colors for their HD Tech Mat, Alpha Elbow Pads, FreeFlex Pads, Cases and some new Bayonets.

▪ Shocker CVO News – We got some more info of the Shocker CVO, or Cam Valve Operation. Mech Shocker XLS. The new mech frame, will have an adjustable trigger and magnetic return. The Shocker CVO will go on sales in late April for $800, the frame kit will also go on sale in April for $200.

▪ Planet Eclipse EMek – Planet Eclipse are releasing a mechanical version of the Etha 2 and calling it the Emek. There are three vision, two .68 caliber, one with a POPS on/off and without that is geared toward paintball fields, the third version is .50 caliber and also a rental version.

▪ Planet Eclipse CS2 – It’s here, so finally the conjecture can end the CS2. I’ll brief you on features than opinion time.

▪ Dye M3s – First Props to Dye for actually making some big changes to the DM or M line of markets. For nearly a decade we say some very small changes and it is nice to see Dye making some cool stuff, The M2 and DSR are great and the M3s looks like a great gun too.


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