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▪ Roar XD 117 – What are the best bunkers for 1v1?
Ideally you want to be in a bunker that you can play multiple sides of, live at fairly easy and something that you can see out of from all sides quickly. Something like a dorito, temple or the tall cake. So you should stay away from larger guns like the W or bunkers that are taller than you like a can or one of the bricks standing up, it is also good practice to stay away from the snake.

▪ Brett Lynch – What gloves do you wear? They look similar to the lightweight gloves tournament players use, most paintball gloves on the market are over padded.
I forever, didn’t like gloves. I found them to restrictive and found it hard to shoot guns quickly. Mainly because paintball gloves just don’t fit my hands right, the fingers are just to short and my fingers would bottom out in the gloves making in hard to move them freely or quick. The thickness of gloves was also great from protection, but for me they are just too stiff and constricting.

▪ VerifiedRC – Why do planet Eclipse guns hold their value better than empire guns?
It basically comes down to the PE making a better product than their competitors. Markers from Dye, MacDev or Empire at this point are just not as desirable.


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