The Prime is MacDevs follow up to the Cone 5s, MacDev flagship spool valve gun. The Prime has a new Bolt, Solenoid, Board, Grips, On/Off and trigger. MacDev have changed a lot.

Picking up the Prime there is no mistake that it is a MacDev gun, it still have that familiar feel that MacDev guns have. The high-end MacDev guns as of late have a feel that I really like, they are long without feeling to long they in my eyes are the perfect length. I am also a fan of the the size of the trigger frames, for my larger hands I have always liked the distance from the front of the trigger to the back on frame. It just feels good and natural to me.

The Prime is coming with MacDev’s new Infinity drive, bolt system that works at only 100psi, it is dead simple to take apart and and easy to maintain, there are only a few o-rings that need regular greasing.

Sooo my main problem with MacDev is that they guns do not feel like they are worth the price they are asking. The Prime is $1400 and it just doesn’t feel like it is a $1400 gun. The guns from Dye, Planet Eclipse, DLX, Empire and Field One just feel better. They just feel like a more premium product. If I’m paying nearly $1500 for a paintball gun, I want it to feel nice and high quality.


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