The Best Paintball Products of 2017!

➖ The Best Paintball Gear➖
Planet Eclipse LV1.5 ➡
Planet Eclipse Etha 2 ➡
GoG Freak XL ➡
Planet Eclipse FL ➡
Virtue Spire III ➡
GI Sportz LVL ➡
Dye I5 ➡
Virtue Vio Ascend ➡
Ninja SL2 ➡

Planet Eclipse LV1.5 – The LV1.5 is the resurgence of the pop-valve gun. Pop valve markers like the LV1.5 have been slowly going away, and most of the pop-valve guns that are currently out have been on the market for years. The LV1.5 and LVR has helped rejuvenate people’s interest in POP valve guns.

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 – This would have been my pick if I had full say. The Etha 2. The Etha 2 is an amazing tournament capable gun with a mid range price.

Freak XL – The Freak XL. The Freak barrel has been a staple in the paintball industry for nearly 20 years, and the XL is newest iteration on the beloved barrel.

Planet Eclipse FL – The Planet Eclipse FL barrel, is a barrel that we first saw on the CSR a limited edition CS1. The FL Barrel is a collaboration between Deadlywind and Planet Eclipse, Deadlywind supply the carbon fiber tip and Planet Eclipse the rest of the barrel.

Virtue Spire III – The Spire III is the best hopper ever made.

GI Sportz LVL – The main appeal to myself and I assume other is the price at the time of making this the LVL is only $100 and killer valve in comparison to other hoppers that can be over $200.

Dye I5 – Without question one of the most popular paintball masks in the past 10 years was the Dye i4, and the Dye i5 just improves on that legacy and to me anyway makes the mask more appealing.

Virtue Vio Ascend – The Vio Ascend is Virtues 4th addition to the Vio line of goggles. I am a huge fan of the Ascend, in my eyes there is not a better value paintball mask on the market.

Ninja SL2 – Ninja dominates the tank game. In 2017 the released their SL2, the follow up to the Superlite tank. The SL2 manages to reduce the weight of the superlite tank but an additional 10% making them crazy lite.


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Planet Eclipse LV1.5 ➡
Empire Ultra 80/4500 ➡
Virtue Spire III ➡
Vforce Profiler ➡
Bunker Kings Supreme Harness ➡

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