The weeks paintball news!
▪ NY Extreme Tryouts – New pro paintball team New York Extreme are having tryouts Feb 10-11 at Matt’s Outback Paintball in CT.
▪  Jason Stypula to Aftershock – Stypula spent the last two years with TradeMyGun Outlaws
▪ Jerry Caro to PC Katana –  Former Los Angeles Ironmen player Jerry Caro has found a new home with PC Katana. Caro is a young player and had some very good points when he was with the Ironmen. The two years he was with them though he say little playing time, the move to Katana should get him more reps and more experiences.
▪ Seattle Thunder Add Harrison Frye – Played last year with the Bay State Bandits, Really that is about all I know. Thunder just looking to add something to try and get them more wins in the pro division and to help fill the loss of Brandon Morales to AC Dallas.
▪ Russian Legion to Dye – Russian Legion have left HK Army and MacDev and will be using all Dye gear for 2018. Dye guns, loaders, packs, pants, pads, everything.
▪ Dye M2 Price Drop – Dye has also dropped the price of the M2 to $900. Just a price drop so if you really want a new M2, buy it now, or if you want a new high-end Dye gun I would wait.
▪ Mechanical Shocker XLS – Another high-end spool valve mech!This past weekend Tim Montressor was out at SC Village playing in the West Coast Open a 10-man event, and was seen playing with a mechanical Shocker XLS.
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