Machine Vapor 3D Delay – Machine Paintball planed to released in November, but they announced last week that, that will not happen.

HK Army XV Barrel Kit Shipping – HK Army are shipping their XV barrel kit. The XV barrel is a 15in, two-pc barrel and with the kit you will get a .689, .685, .681 backs. Kit also comes with HK’s new EXO Hard Barrel Case.

San Antonio X-Factor Changes – X-Factor have re-add Jesse Stephens. Stephens is not a newcomer to X-Factor, he played with the team in 2013. At the end of 2013, Stephens left X-Factor and would not play pro again until he join AC Dallas at the end of the 2016. With the loss of Jesse that leaves AC with only, 5 players. John Jackson, Matt Jackson, JT Danner, Brad McCurley and Ryan Hall

San Diego Dynasty Add Arturo Andrade – β€œI am excited to add Arturo to the squad for 2018 and beyond! He is a talented and hungry player with a great attitude! Keep an eye out for his unbridled aggression on all parts of the field.” – Alex Fraige

NXL Europe – April 12-15 – Chartres, France, May 24-27 Amsterdam, July 5-8 London or Dublin, September 27-30 Paris

NXL Paint Rules – NXL paint rules will remain the same, but NXL Europe will go to 4 pods and one hopper and unlimited in the professional division.


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