▪ Cyzic Chaos – With this new middle bunker, do. you think Nick Leival will dominate as much as he did with the W?

Nick is a great paintball player, no matter how the field is set-up. He had become a household paintball name with his stellar play in the center. It is possible that if a layout is more snake or dorito heavy, Leival may not be as dominate

▪ Platinum RC – Are paintball marker packages worth it or should I buy each item separately? I am a beginner who has only rented gear before and am looking to get into the sport.

Sometimes, yes but most of the time no. Most of the time bundled setups are designed to be as cheap as possible. You are much better off buying stuff that you actually want rather than looking for the cheapest package. A lot of people end up buying the packages, and very soon figure out the mask sucks or the tank is too small and they should have bought the items they actually wanted.

▪ YOLO HOBO – I know right now you don’t have a main paintball gun, what do you think you will be getting? I’m also in the market but can’t decide!

Well well, I think I’m going to wait until Paintball Extravaganza to decide. I have it on good authority that Planet Eclipse and Empire should be showing off new markers. Eclipse at Extravaganza and Empire at their GI Sportz Core Day.

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