▪ Machine Vapor 3D Update – If you missed it, Machine Paintball are releasing a new Vapor paintball gun. The Vapor 3D, the Vapor 3D will mostly be 3D printed. Features: 1.2 LBS, will come with choice of OLED or LED board, operating pressure will be 135-145 PSI & will come with a 2pc barrel kit including .682, .685, and .687 backs. The body, fore-grip & back-cap will be 3D printed the trigger frame, regulator, and feed-neck lever (the feed-neck is part of the body) will be machined aluminum.

▪ Meteor Cocker Bodies – Custom autococker manufacturer Meteor are getting very close to launching their new bodies. Bodies should be up for sale very soon, they will have a booth at the Southern 10-man Classic in Atlanta

▪ Nova Tactical Designs – Make a bunch on neat like adapter and magazine wells for all types of mag-fed paintball markers. The BMag or Boomerang Magazine, is a 15rd, FS and roundball magazine for markers that use TiPX mags. Pre-order yours now at

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