Shocker XLS Accent Kit – Spice up your boring Shocker XLS. Kits come in, Red, Blue, Teal, Lime, Purple, Pink, Stone, Gold and Silver. Kits are available right now for $99.95.

Carbon CC Knee Pads – A solid looking pair of paintball knee pads, they look light weight and well made just like all the Carbon Paintball gear. Pick them up now for $54.95

Carbon CC Pants – Some more new gear from Carbon, the CC pants are the cheaper version of the SC Pants.

DP e2 – $199.95 – The Dangerous Power E1 was little wonky, lets how the redesigned E2 is a bit better. DP have resigned the bolt and On/Off.

AC Dallas Tryouts – Top pro paintball team AC Dallas are holding try-outs. Taking place December 16th-17th at Paintball Fit right out side of Dallas, TX. The team is holding tryout for Pro, Semi-Pro and D2.

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