Planet Eclipse Gmek Update – We have gotten word that Planet Eclipse will have the Gmek at the NXL World Cup on display. We have also learned of some new features: Aluminium Frame, Safety Catch, Removable Trigger Shoe, Adjustable Trigger Positioning, External Trigger Stop Adjustment and some others.
Committed Paintball Vanquish SS-X – Committed Paintball and Empire have teamed up to bring us the Vanquish SS-X. Committed Paintball is the team that brought us the Twster lines on paintball guns are back with another version of the Vanquish. The Vanquish SS-X, is a follow up to the Vanquish SS. The SS was a milled down version on the Vanquish 2.0 and the SS-X is more of the same but with the newer Empire Vanquish GT that features the new V16 bolt system. The SS-X will be limited to 80 guns and can be picked up now at
HK Army Halloween Jersey – HK Army are back at it with some fun paintball jersey for Halloween. They have Ninja Turtles, Macho Man, Ironman, Ghostbusters, Storm Trooper, Boba Fett, Power Rangers, Mario and Luigi. Prices start at $90 and can be picked up now at

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