Field One Marker Bags – Field One have two new bags, a “normal” size and an extender sizes. Both the bags have four barrel spaces, and are made of a ridged fabric to keep your marker safe. Get them now at for $39.95 and $49.95

New Carbon SC Harness Colors – Carbon paintball are releasing some new colors for their popular SC harness. Red, Blue, Olive and Grey are available now at for $129.95

NXL Mounds Division – The NXL is trying something new, a mounds division. Taking it back to some old school style fields, mounds can be played in two formats 10-man and 5-man, and with a capped rate of fire at 5.5bps.

Alex Rodriguez Staying with San Diego Aftermath – Staying to with Aftermath, at least though the end of 2017. He will be playing with the team at the upcoming NXL World Cup in the semi-pro division.

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