Lots of news this week!

Dye DSR – It is finally here and it looks awesome. The Dye DSR is a whole new gun for Dye. New bolt, board, regulators, grips….everything is new. I have yet to get my hands on one but can’t wait until I do.

Pre-Order your Dye DSR – http://www.blackfridaypaintball.com/SearchResults.asp?Cat=297&Click=887

Dye UL Pants – After uploading this video, I found out a bit more about the new Dye Pants. They will be called the Dye Team Pants 2.0 and should retail in the US for $169.95.

MacDev Prime – Looks to be something interesting from MacDev. In the development for over 18 months, it should impress and I assume take the place of the Clone 5.

Dangerous Power Mystery Marker – Looks like a Dangerous Power G6 to me….

Millennium Series World Cup Winners – CPL – Toulouse TonTons, SPL – Cologne Hurricanes, D1 – Pyatigorsk Russian Roulette, D2 – Galapagos Tortugas, D3 – Brussels Heat 2, D4 – Utah Tropics

NXL Takes Over The Millennium – The NXL is officially taking over the Millennium Series. The word on the street is that the NXL will be calling the new league NXL Europe. Nothing official on rules, prices or entry prices just a quick note that they will be taking over the Millennium.

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