ADN Paintball XP-1 – The XP-1 has been in development for awhile now and is read for pre-order over at

Planet Eclipse Etha 2 .50 Cal – Planet Eclipse are no stangers to the .50 cal games, they have made .50 cal kits for the Ego and the current Etek 5. The Etha 2 is now available in the .50 configuration, it is sure to be a hit at the local paintball field.

Proto Rize and Rize Maxxed Colors – Proto have just added a few new colors of the Rize and Rize Maxxed to their line.

Dye Axis Pro – Dye have revived the Axis Pro. Previously the Proto Axis Pro the mask is back and comes in at $99.95

Azodin KPC – The Azodin KPC is finally available, grab in now!

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ADN Paintball XP-1 –
Planet Eclipse Etha 2 –
Proto Rize –
Proto Rize Maxxed –
Azodin KPC –
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