Planet Eclipse LV1.5 – Planet Eclipse dropped the LV1.5 on us this week. The LV1.5 is a refresh to the LV1 line of paintball guns from Planet Eclipse. The LV1.5 is 32 grams lighter, comes with a different milling on the body, POP on/off, low profiler feedneck and blade trigger.

Millennium Series Campaign Cup Results – CPL: Edmonton Impact, SPL: Expendables Fielding, D1: Ugly Ducklings Odense, D2: Galapagos Tortugas, D3: London Thunderducks. The Nations Cup was also held at Campaign cup, with the USA taking home the win.

Nummech Freak XL Adapter – Nother neat product from the guys at Nummech. The Freak XL Adapter, allows the use of original Freak backs and tips with the new 8in Freak XL inserts.

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