NXL Atlantic City – The third event of the NXL season is a wrap. Coming hot of their with in the Millennium Series, Russian Legion picked up their first win in the states in 6 years.

Virtue Spire III 280 – The every popular Spire III just got a bit bigger. The new Spire III 280, i just a bit taller and holds a bit more paint.

Carbon CC Harness – Im a fan of Carbon, they make some of the highest quality paintball products I have ever seen. The CC harness, can been see at the little brother of the SC harness. Pick up the CC harness in four colors: red, blue, olive and grey for $89.95 over at www.carbonpaintball.com

Dye I5 White/Gold – A lot of people loved the I4 in White/Gold now you can pick up the I5 in the popular white/gold color combo for $189.95.

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