For those of you who have been around longer than a minute, you may remember the boys from Sweden that took the world by storm in the late 2000s’.

Joy Division came into their own during the 2006 season, when they won the NPPL San Diego Open and became the first European team to win a pro tournament in the US. That same year they one 4 of the 5 Millennium series events. The team remained a top contender in the Millennium Series until around 2009 when the team started to lose their punch.

2010 was the last year that the team competed on the International level. While the team was no longer around, some players like Max Lundqvist,  Sebban and Karl Samuelsson continued to play, most recently with Scorpions Milano.

Joy Division will be playing the Millennium Series CPL. Joy Division will be taking the spot of Scorpions Milano, it is likely we will see the same roster as the Scorpions has last year.

Ahs, Goran
Berggren, Fabian
Calvo, Simone
Lundqvist, Max
Navone, Edoardo
Olstad, Knut Andre
Samuelsson, Karl- Johan
Samuelsson, Sebban


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