The Force is out! Check out my review out below.

I don’t know how I missed this but it happened. I’d like to think I’m on top of news and leaks, but I guess not 🙁


  • No wires, pin connectors used throughout
  • Wheel clamping feedneck
  • U-cup seals vs. o-rings
  • Smaller breach
  • Quick thread barrels
  • Finger rubber detents
  • VCOM bolt tip
  • No LPR
  • 4-way solenoid
  • Larger volume chamber
  • Bolt tip treads more fine
  • New OLED board + screen housing
  • Bluetooth board
  • New F1 grips
  • Standard with 4c eyes
  • Ribbed feedneck with thumbwheel
  • No wires from body to frame
  • Eye covers / eyes – one piece
  • Front foregrip adjustable – 3 position
  • 2 AA batteries
  • 13.5 inch barrel
  • Quick-thread AC threads – like the Vanquish or Inception bodies

$1500 – Normal colors
$1600 – Splashes and special colors



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