UPDTAE: 07-21-19

A few weeks ago, I was able to take a trip over the Field One and get the inside scoop on the upcoming Force paintball gun. Yosh and Alex were both nice enough, to let us bother them all day, thanks guys!




I don’t know how I missed this but it happened. I’d like to think I’m on top of news and leaks, but I guess not 🙁


  • No wires, pin connectors used throughout
  • Wheel clamping feedneck
  • U-cup seals vs. o-rings
  • Smaller breach
  • Quick thread barrels
  • Finger rubber detents
  • VCOM bolt tip
  • No LPR
  • 4-way solenoid
  • Larger volume chamber
  • Bolt tip treads more fine
  • New OLED board + screen housing
  • Bluetooth board
  • New F1 grips
  • Standard with 4c eyes
  • Ribbed feedneck with thumbwheel
  • No wires from body to frame
  • Eye covers / eyes – one piece
  • Front foregrip adjustable – 3 position
  • 2 AA batteries
  • 13.5 inch barrel
  • Quick-thread AC threads – like the Vanquish or Inception bodies

$1500 – Normal colors
$1600 – Splashes and special colors

Source: PBHub.de