Paintball Extravaganza is the paintball industries largest trade show, paintball companies from around the globe come to showoff their wears. Check back on this page often as I’ll be posting the newest and latest stuff from Paintball Extravaganza!

Dye Rotor LTR

As most of us expected, the Dye Rotor LTR, is a cheaper version of the Rotor. The Rotor LTR will retail for $99.95. The Rotor LTR is pretty much what it looks like, a rehashing of the original Dye Rotor.

Dye SE Mask

The Dye SE, is an entry level mask that is aimed at the new paintball player. The SE will come in two versions, a single pane lens for $24.95, and a thermal lens version for $34.95.

Virtue Paintballs

Yep. Virtue paintballs are going to be hitting stores soon….thats about all I know

Exalt Supreme Swabs

Nothing crazy to report on these, but a new double sided “Barrel Maid” from Exalt.

Exalt Marker Case

The Marker Case is different than Exalt’s Marker Bag. The Marker Case has many more pockets and is rigid, where the Marker Bag is much softer and has less storage compartments.

Luxe ICE Grips

DLX said they would be coming out with a rubber replacement grip for the Luxe ICE, and a year later they are finally delivering.

Field One MVP 2

As the name would suggest, the MVP 2 looks to be a revision of the current MVP, rather than an entirely new gun. The MVP 2 will come with an optional hitman mod, and a “adjustable smart sear”.

First Strike Dynasty and Infamous Hero Tanks

First Strike is teaming up with professional paintball teams Los Angeles Infamous and San Diego Dynasty to bring us the Infamous FS Hero LTD 77/4500 air tank.

GoG Freak XL Barrel Kit

I got it mostly right.

Planet Eclipse FL Barrel Kit

The Planet Eclipse FL barrel is officially  real, well at least you can buy it separate from the CSR and LVR.

Inception Designs High Flow Gentle Touch Autococker Bolts


Following with the release of the Hornet, Inception Designs are releasing a couple new bolts for you Autoockcer enthusiasts. In totally their will be two bolt released.

Inception Designs Genesis and Inception Kit Pump Kits

Inception Designs are set to release two new pump kits.

Inception Designs EZ On/Off ASA

It looks like a Planet Eclipse POPS on/off but it works a lot different. The EZ On/Off works like a lever and pivots in the center, with the nose of the on/off coming down and acting as the effort position.


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