The Force is out! Check out my review out below.

Late last year we reported that Bob Long/Field One were going to release a new spool valve gun called the Pinnacle.

Today we found out that the gun will now be called the Force.

The Force will be a spool valve gun that is a large departure from the typical Bob Long guns. Previously all Bob Long guns came with a low pressure regulator, the Force on the other have will not have an LPR. Having a low pressure regulator is one of the key features that helped separate Bob Long from some of their rivals.

Taking some notes from the newer Planet Eclipse guns, the Force will also have the high pressure regulator relocated from the foregrip to the grip frame.

I’m hoping that excluding the LPR will make the Force a bit simpler and easier to use. Previously Bob Long guns have been a bit finicky and required a bit more tinkering than other guns in the high-end category.

This coming week we should see rendering for the Force, at the Paintball Extravaganza trade show in Washington DC.

CORRECTION: I said “Previously all Bob Long guns came with a low pressure regulator”….so I totally forgot about the Insight, Phase, Onslaught and MVP ohh yeah and I guess the Millennium. The Insight, Phase, Onslaught, and Millennium all did not have an LPR.

UPDATE 2-22-17: A shot from the Field One tech class via Ryan Greenspan’s Instagram

The Engine will be 100% new, some design elements will remain, but it’s a whole new thing.

Expected to ship Spring 2017.


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