The NXL Winter Classic is starting tomorrow, a 5-man tournament, in Kissimmee, Florida.

The event layout may give us a little insight into what future NXL layouts will look like. After the Trevor Resar incident, the NXL has looked at different ways to improve player safety. The leagues most recent attempt is to make chinstraps mandatory.

Tom Cole, NXL President made this statement:

“We have already come up with some ideas on interesting ways to use the W…”

The event after Coles statement was World Cup, and we did see a different use of the W. At the event mini cakes were added to both sides of the W to prevent players from running around the sides, you could still running around but the cakes made it much more difficult to collide with another player.

It looks that from here on out the NXL will release layouts that resemble the Winter Classic and the World Cup layouts, at least for the center of the field.


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