There is a new Freak kit!

I have pried and tried to find out a bit more about the kit but mum looks to be the word! We can’t get anything out of GoG at least not until February 21st when they officially release all the details.

I have however been able to talk with someone, close to the company and I have dug up this.

  • 14in tip standard
  • 7.5in inserts
  • Aluminum inserts
  • 8 inserts in total
  • Luxe and Autococker thread only

At launch the Freak XL will only be sold as a kit, individual tips, backs and inserts will be available soon after the launch. Current freak tips will work, but should make for some odd length barrels as the backs are going to be longer to accommodate the longer inserts.

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    • T Y

      I’m thinking probably not. The Old backs have a stopper in them that keeps it from moving up the barrel.

      I’m Curious what will be the better option, the Shaft FR or the freak XLs.


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