The Naughty Dogs are one of the most storied teams in paintball history. Back in the mid 2000s the Dogs were one of the best teams in paintball and fought one the field with Dynasty and XSV. Toward the end of the 2000’s the teams performance was getting worse and subsequently the team stopped competing. One of the teams original members Rocky Knuth is resurrecting the team, under the name North West Dogs, and is bringing back some old members.

It’s great to see you back on the field, what are your plans for 2017?

Rocky Knuth – Right now our plan is to have a D2 and a D3 squad for 2017.  We will have the rosters mixed developing our new players.

What league will the team be playing?

Rocky Knuth – After looking at the different leagues we feel the WCPPL had the best to offer. Crazy Cash prize packages and low costs to participate. Being in the SOCAL, LV area we will see awesome competition that will help us develop as an organization. We will also most likely do World Cup (who knows what division).

Me and my son might do the 2v2 tournaments in the NXL.

Do you have set roster?

Rocky Knuth – Nope. We will continue to expand. I have a core of really hungry young guys, super Athletic (X college athletes) that will mix well with our VETS.  My son is part of the up an coming players.

Besides yourself, are there any other Naughty Dog players?

Yea I got some of my killers back. Right now from the Naughty Dogs we will see myself, Tyler McCluskey, Blake Bearham, Jesse Frisbee and Phil Veatch. There is one other I cant name yet (but he was a killer).

Do you have any industry help?

Since our comeback the industry support has been amazing, I would like to thank our sponsors GI Sportz, Empire Paintball, CKFIGHTLIFE, RAZA Life, Diamond Hill Paintball and Stag photography, without them we wouldn’t be back.

Any final words of wisdom?

I don’t know where this is going to take us, I just know I’m having more fun than i ever had. Being able to play along side my son was always a dream. Having some of my Dogs back along side us makes this journey even more special. We are grinding every weekend hungrier than ever. If any of you want to track our journey follow my paintball Instagram @rocky_knuth and our teams Instagram @nw_dogs_official

UPDATE 2-17-17 : The NW Dogs have registered for D3 WCPPL; set to take place at Camp Pendleton in San Diego: February 25th – 26th.




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