John Dresser of PBnation pointed out earlier today that the NXL has updated their 2017 rules to include the following:

  • 10.3.4 – Players will be eliminated if their chinstrap becomes unfasten during gameplay.
  • 12.1.3 – Eliminations: Failure to wear or fasten goggles chinstrap during the game period.

This whole chinstrap business started at the NXL Great Lakes open, that took place in August of last year. Trevor Resar of Infamous, collided with Chris Lloyd of Boom. The resulting collision ended with Resar’s mask coming off and him getting shot just below the eye.

After the incident Tom Cole, NXL Commissioner had this to say:

“We will be doing something different with the W for World Cup. We have already come up with some ideas on interesting ways to use the W and I also see some good ideas here. We will be reviewing the incident to come up with ideas to avoid this type of accident. Nothing is off the table when it comes to player safety. Post your ideas on this thread. I we will do what is best for paintball and the people who play it.”

The weeks following the Great Lakes Open the WPBO and the Millennium Series, announced to their players that chinstraps were going to be compulsory. The league even had signs up at the event, but the rule was never enforced.

It was presumed that after the 2016 season the NXL would eliminate the W bunker, and opt for something more traditional that wouldn’t encourage collisions and reduce the aggressive play that is commonly seen in the center of the field. After the season the NXL choose to stick with the W and is opted for forcing players to wear chinstraps.

I have mixed feelings about the chinstrap rule. I don’t want to wear a chinstrap, in fact I never have and won’t unless I have to. For the NXL point of view i totally understand why they are making it required, they need to protect themselves and their players.

Below is a clip of the collision

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  1. Tommy

    Why is there no headstrap upwards since the helmet can be pushed down to the throat. Throat protection should be more relevant since barrels can choke someone if colliding with a barrel. Has anyone ever died in this sport as in Hockey? Yet they still slice each other up with their skates. We should ban the markers instead and trow the balls at eachother, that would make the sport safer for all.


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