Dalton Vanderbyl has moved to the beast in the north.

Vanderbyl started his professional paintball career on San Diego Aftermath, Aftermath was a power house team that brought up players like: Vanderbyl, Alex Goldman, Marcelo Margott, Raney Stanczak and Bobby Aviles. Playing on Aftermath, Vanderbyl was around the Dynasty player a lot, so joining the team in 2011 was a natural fit.

Vanderbyl though never really found his place on the team filled with superstars. Yeah, he would have some good events or stand out points, but he never got the chance to shine. In 2014 Vanderbyl left the team to play for Tampa Bay Damage, presumably to try and get some more playing time. He in deed got more time with Damage, he played well and so did the team; but he found his way back to Dynasty the next year.

I’m assuming this current move to Impact is for the same reason: a chance to get some more playing time. The problem with that logic is Impact is even more stacked than Dynasty.

One thing is for sure, ill be happy when the season starts and we don’t have to report on player moves….


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