A little bit on OG Dynasty and XSV to break up our day. I certainly don’t miss the days when there was coaching guns shot 20BPS! Tournament paintball is sooo much better now…..

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  1. Storm

    Me and my entropied classic timmy miss those days (cue the vague staring into space followed by nostalgic daydream) It’s funny, me and a buddy were talking the other day about how at the time the industry seemed almost blindly focused on speed. 15bps? nah. 20bps? getting there. 30bps?!? I don’t like this, let’s go back to 15. Lol. Now here we are, 15bps, and we’re all missing out on gorgeous guns like ebladed vertebrae minicockers. Speaking of, how bout dropping an eblade kit for the resurrection, planet eclipse? 😛


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