After a short stint with this other former team, Chicago Aftershock Drew Templeton is back with LA Infamous.

Drew left Infamous at the end of the 2016 season to rejoin is former team Chicago Aftershock. Templeton along with a Ronnie Dizon and Jon Woodley were all part of the rebuilding of Aftershock. Almost everyone expected Aftershock to perform well in 2016 but the victories never took shape and the team struggled, with their best performance was in Dallas taking 7th place. The team has since lost a slue of players: Dizon, Woodley, Patient, Templeton, Velez and McKenna have all left the team.

While Aftershock are looking beat up, Infamous is look strong going into 2017. They have lost Brad McCurley but gained Drew Templeton a fair swap in my eyes. Neither one is much better or worse than each other. Now Infamous just needs to win World Cup!




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