UPDATE 2/21/17: NPPL Cancel First Tournament

nppl-logo-smallNo you are not in a time warp and yes the NPPL is back! In September the NPPL announced that it was going to come back but at the time had very little concrete details.

This week the the league launched there new website, that gives us a bit of insight of what is to come.

At first the league was not sure on field size, number of players or a number of other vital components. Now we know that the NPPL will be 7-man, semi-auto capped at 12BPS for electronic guns or unlimited for real mechanical guns and the field size will be 100 feet wide and 180 feet long. Soooo in other words it is just regular 7-man. At first there was talk about making the events woodsball or a combination of woodballs and air ball. At the field dimensions given I cant any games being played in the woods. The NXL field is 147ft long, could you imagine playing woodball on a field that small? It just wouldn’t work.

The first new NPPL tournament will take place in Sacramento but no date has been provided. I’m guessing that it would be in late February to early March.

Best of luck to the NPPL where many, many, many have failed. I would love to see more solid competition between leagues.


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