After an abysmal first year the PCPL (Pacific Coast Paintball League) have been acquired by the UPL (United Paintball League).

The PCPL was originally designed to compete directly with the WCPPL; a monumental task.  The WCPPL have run a great tournament series and a very loyal following here on the West Coast. From day one the PCPL were fighting an uphill battle and after only two event and averaging only 16 teams at each event across three divisions the league is gone.

Filling in for the NXL will be the UPL, the UPL will adopt all of the NXL rules for 2017. This upcoming year should be a big year of the UPL, they will likely draw more teams than last year and will be affiliated with the biggest paintball league in the world. As an NXL partner the UPL will be offering free entrance to the NXL World Cup as part of its series championship prize package for xball Division’s: three, four and five.


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