Going into his 11th year as a pro, Siewers is set to rejoin the team he played for in 2008 the Los Angeles Ironmen.

The Ironmen announced late last month that they would be rebuilding and looking to add new players this off season. The addition of a player of Siewers’ caliber to a roster that is rebuilding is huge. Siewers will add some much needed winning experience on a team filled with new players and he could also entice other team-less pros to join the team.

While the move is great for the Ironmen, it had to hurt Siewers. We know that Siewers was getting paid to play for Houston Heat and judging by the Iornmen’s recent rosters they aren’t paying all their players. Pro paintball players getting paid is not something that is talked about often, players keep sponsorship and paycheck details very close to their chest, so it is hard to get concrete information on whom gets paid and how much. I do imagine though that Mike Paxson and Scott Kemp are getting more incentivized than the rest of the Ironmen players. Now that Siewers is on the team we can probably add him to the list of players getting paid but I’m sure at a loss compared to his Houston Heat paychecks.

, they prefer to have local homegrown players rather than paying for top tier players.

“The Ironmen have been a legendary team since their inception. I am proud to come back in 2017 to be a driving force behind the Ironmen shield and help bring the legendary name back on top.” – Greg Siewers

“I am more than excited for the opportunity to compete with Greg Siewers again. Not only are we adding a legitimate weapon to the arsenal, Greg is a great teammate, communicator, and professional. I can always count on Greg to bring effort, focus, and commitment to making this team successful.” –Todd Martinez

Source: PBNation.com


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