After 12 years, 187 cRew are throwing in the towel.

187 cRew started out like many other the paintball teams, a group of friends just wanting to have fun. 187 quickly discovered they were pretty good, and the team went pro in 2012. Through the year 187 have struggled in the pro division, with there best year coming in 2015 when the team took two 4th place finishes.

187 cRew may not have had any podium finishes, but the team had some great players. I hope we don’t see the last of Max Traylor and Dan Zaleski, both guys could make great additions to almost any team in the world.


“All good things must come to an end

It’s with a heavy heart and sadness that I announce the end of the line for upTon 187 cRew. It started oh so many years ago with my son, Eddie Painter, playing in his first tournament at World Cup 2004.

It was a Rookie 5-man event with Kevin Cote, Curt Janson and his son Shaun, Sean Marland, Rob Wilson, myself and Eddie. From there it was local 5-mans and then local 7-mans as the Kamo Killaz. The kids would combine forces with another local powerhouse 7-man team, Friendly Fire Factory, where we picked up Mike Carlin, Max Traylor and Nick Leival. They would go on to become the D2 NPPL Series Champions in 2006.

In 2008 several of the guys guessed with an MXBL team, Plattsburgh Negligence, and went on to win the series and earned their AXBL slot. They won their division the following year and lost at NAX to the Philly Americans. With the AXBL folding the following year the team shifted focus to the PSP where we joined the D2 ranks and played 3 out of the 4 events. The team lost 1 match the entire season, winning all three events they participated in. The following year was D1 and then strait on to pro as we finished the D1 season in first place.

The last 5 years in the Pro ranks have been nothing short of amazing. I’ve seen several players come and go and in the end I was left with just 2 core OG players, Eddie Painter and Max Traylor. I’d like to thank all the folks who made this dream possible: Rob Darcy, Mike Gudejko, The entire Lizotte family, Rob, Stefini, Jon and Matty, Marquita Day (Now married to Jon Lizotte), Gary Baum, the entire KEE and now GI Family along with the entire staff at Planet Eclipse and Ninja. Without your support we would have never gotten one step outside of Upton, MA.

I’d like to thank all the players along the way who left it all on the field and played with a great amount of heart each and every time we took the field. Noel Tran, Brian Fineberg, Mike Carlin, Aaron Blanchette, Jessie Lauria, Doug Greim, Josh Perrone, Bert Gibson, Greg Haynes, Brian Jenkel, Billy Bernacchia III, Brian Gigliotti, Nick Leival, Shaun Janson, Tien-Sy Nguyen, William Brule, Dan Zaleski, Greg Lizotte, Jeremy Donovan, Will Huntoon, Josh Pike, Matt Darula, Max Traylor, Nick Roberts, Nick Slowiak, Thomas Mantoni Jr and my son, Eddie Painter.

And a special HUGE thank you to my better half for putting up with me all these years while we chased this dream. Thank you Alice for sticking by me during this crazy journey.

It’s been one amazing journey and I thank everyone for being part of it.

Let’s go play 10-man and have some fun”

– Dave Painter – Owner


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